MotoGP Riders 2018

Top worlds riders travel the world to compete in the annual FIM World Championship series. The championship is the third most popular spectator sport in the world. Perhaps most closely followed in Italy and Spain, home of many of the more successful riders early in the 21st century. As from the 2011 season, 25 riders of eight nations participated in the premier class of the championship.

MotoGP Riders for 2018

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That’s all the riders competing for this year's MotoGP Championship.

MotoGP Final World Standing 2017

This is what every rider wants to win.

Who will be crowned this year’s MotoGP Champion in November?

There’s only one way to find out! Watch the races, or come back here after each race for a full in-depth write up on each Grand Prix. There’ll be all the news of the weekend, practise, qualifying, and the race. Plus rider interviews and some interesting information about each circuit and where it is.

So keep coming back to get all the insight and maybe some gossip on the most exciting sport in the world!

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