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A The Phoenix on the top left of every page is a link back to the Home Page.
B The Main Menu has links to our different sections. MotoGP is the fourth down. This takes you to the MotoGP start/index page.
Hover over the menu and the section content and sub-content buttons will fly out.
C New or Recent pages and content added to the website appear in these link buttons for about a week or until you revisit the site.
D People mentioned on the page are listed so you can easily find them. If you send a comment you can find it by clicking your name.
People are listed alphabetically by first name.
E Useful links in the content of the page are repeated in the Blogroll so that you can quickly follow them after reading the whole page.
F Our site also works on mobile phones and tablets. This is a link that gives the address and shows what it will look like. The mobile version also appears if you narrow your browser window below 800 pixels.
G The grippy edge is an indication that our Contact Centre is following you ready to be used. More about that later. Click the grippy edge to slide it out.
H Our strap line at the top of every page can be doubleclicked to load the latest page content from our server. Otherwise refreshing the page may only re-render pages already in your cache.
I The FreeFind Search box is at the top right of every page. Type what you are looking for in the box and then press Search.
J Breadcrumbs are the way we indicate what level of the section/subsection structure you are presently on. Click the crumbs to find your way back (out the the bewitched forest!)
K Tabs at the top of pages take you to sequential pages. Hover over the little end arrows, left and right, to scroll through more tabs.
L We alert you to new content in a section or subsection with a big banner button at the top of the page. It will be there for a week unless something newer comes along!
M Some of our longer pages have an Index to take you straight to the part you are interested in. Like all link, your pointer will turn to a pointing finger and the link is highlighted as you hover  (try here) .
N Many of the Photographs are sourced from other locations. Your pointer will show that there is a link and a tooltip tells you what website the photo is from. Click to go there.
O Really useful links are REALLY BIG! We are trying to guess where you want to go next.
P Section and subsection entry pages may have a list of the section contents to make it easy for you to see and get to what is contained.
Q Roland researches many sources to bring together the best reports. Where we acknowledge our sources, the names are hyperlinks to the respective websites.
R The [ < ] and [ > ] links in the bottom menu take you to the page before or after this one in the website structure.
S Our [ Back ] button take you ... er ... back to the page you just came from. Or simply press your backspace key.
Our MotoGP pages by Roland Potter form a section of They use common web conventions for display and navigation. The page diagram below is marked with letters that can be clicked to tell you how to make full use of our website. The explanation appears here.


On a small screen you can't be faffing about with all them bells and whistles so we give you the slimmed down version: Content plus BIG BUTTONS for navigation to the main sections. Here is what some of those BIG BUTTONS look like.

To see what a page looks like on a mobile device, narrow your browser window to less than 800px wide.

Links and other features in the content area work as described under Desktop PC, above. In other words all items on the lighter background that start from the breadcrumbs J.

Other Features

There are lots of other special features that are outside of the normal website conventions. Many are unique to Here is a quick rundown of some that you will find helpful.

  1. Keyboard short cuts: Quickly move around the sections by holding down the Alt key and tapping a letter or symbol. You can see the full list at any time by holding down Alt and tapping K. Try it now. Oh, look! Alt+M goes straight to the MotoGP start page.
  2. Right click menu: This context menu has links that are useful without needing to scroll about looking for the usual menu system.
  3. Bottom menu: Has a few necessary links to keep you moving.
  4. Multiple photos: Sometimes we show more than one photo at a time by including < and > arrows on the left and right edges to click for the next picture.
  5. Scrolling panoramas: When we want to fit in a wide photo or give a picture a bit of movement. Hover your pointer over it to pause the scroll.
  6. Riders' names: The first occurrence of a rider's full name on a page will be double underlined with light blue. Hover your mouse over it. Try it here with Valentino Rossi - you know you want to.
  7. Contact Centre: Our unique interactive feature that follows you whichever page you are on and wherever you are on that page.
    • Write your Notes and they will be saved on this computer for you to send now or later.
    • Pick up personal Mail, broadcasts and special announcements.
    • Star rate a page to let us know just what you thought of it.
    • When you find a page you like Mark it so you can go straight back later.
    • Delve into the page's own documentation with the Info tab.
    • Find out more about this useful device by exploring its own Help tab.
    You need to know how to get to it ...
    • Click the grippy bar tucked tightly to the left edge of the page.
    • The Blogroll list on the left hand menu has a button for ©ontact ©entre. If you make notes the title will change to Your Notes. The colour also changes depending on what is in the Contact Centre.
    • Press Alt+E on your keyboard.
    • Right click anywhere and choose Contact Centre, second from the top.
    • On the bottom menu click [Contact].
    Use any of those methods to slide the Contact Centre back into the left edge or click the X at its top right.
  8. When we particularly want your participation we'll add a blimming great button labelled COMMENT or VOTE.
    Guess what clicking that does? Opens the Contact Centre!


When you've absorbed all of the above you can also explore the full website Help Section. It covers more subjects in greater depth. We have indexes for almost everything, Authors, People, Pages, Events; take your pick.

While you are on it is well worth exploring our other sections.

We especially want you to take part. is written by enthusiasts like yourself. Share your thoughts. There is no limit to how much we will accept and we appreciate whatever our unpaid contributors send.

Just one more thing: Who is Roland Potter? I guess you better look him up in our People index and find out!

- Ben Crossley

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