GPO Rally

The 32nd GPO rally was held at the normal site in Milton Keynes by the Barrel Bikers.

The Friday run up was dry and trouble free and I cooked a jacket potato using my prototype potato stick.

After that it was into the beer tent to sample the cider. There were three bands that night and all were very good.

I went to the carvery at Wolverton for lunch and back to the site. The water in the river was a lot higher and had now started to flow through two areas of the site. I moved the tent twice, but by 6.30 decided to leave.

Praise must go to the Barrel Bikers for the effort they put into getting everyone through the water to the other side of the field. The club put a lot of effort into the rally. It was just a pity that freak conditions ruined it.

I shall be back next year as it is still one of the best rallies on the scene.

- Dave Ranger