Dragon Rally

We were the Greenwich Motor & Motor Cycle Club and used to marshal at Brands Hatch.

We rode from Plumstead on the 1967 Rally.

I think the Club used to meet in Falconwood.

The only bike I can remember is '65 Triumph Thunderbird outfit.

The Greewich M&MCC crowd posing in front of the slate heaps.

Martin on a solo.

When we got to the campsite we then had to find somewhere to rebuild the back wheel of the outfit as quite a few of the spokes had sheered. Most of the weekend was spent doing that.

I was about 5½ months pregnant.

A couple of early Japanese motorcycles on the campsite.

Haven't ridden for years, but still connected to bikes. My three kids ride bikes here in Western Australia. My daughter is a passenger on a road racing outfit.

- Sandie Dore

Start of quotation Went there in '67 as a passenger on an old Triumph outfit. Clutch gave up on the way back so we hitched into north London and the owner went back for it the next week. Kind man let him leave it in his shed.

Also went some years earlier with my brother also on Triumph Tiger 110 and Watsonian single seater chair. End of quotation

- warbaby45