Devils Weald Rally

Held in the 1980s, this was the Brighton & District MCC's summer rally.
It had a 1,500 UK limit. Overseas riders did not have to pre-book. This often took the numbers over 2,000. The rally always appeared to be under the control of 'Uncle Peter'.

Half a dozen Shakespeare MCC members & some of the Leicester Phoenix were regular visitors.

The rally had a number of highlights that included:

  • A police escorted ride of about two hundred bikes through Brighton on the Saturday morning.
  • In the afternoon a large troupe of Morris Men. They used to go down very well.
  • I can remember the wet 'T' shirt competitions. Nigel Woodthorpe used to take great interest in them.

Saturday night was often a bit of a blur. I think it must have been something in the beer.

I took a sand castle type union flag to stick onto the top of my Force Ten 'A' piece. The first year I did it some people took the mick telling me not to be a silly person. They changed their minds on returning to an unlit 800 tent closely packed campsite.

- Dave Cooper