Friday 8 December 2017

At the end of November I ran a check on server statistics to find how many visitors each page receives. It was no surprise that Hans Veenendaal pages - especially his Rally List - bring in over 20% of viewers every month.

Then I shot myself in the foot. Last week I pickled his data! For a whole week the Rally Listing didn't work. Hopefully this will not have driven people away for any length of time. Apologies to you (and Hans) and thank you for returning to We depend on your tolerance and loyalty.


1985 Rally Reports

Phil the Spill is polishing off his reminiscences of 1985 with reports (and photos!) from the Oosser, WOT? and Ding Dong Rallies. I'm sure Phil had an Xray camera. Surely there wasn't that much naked flesh on show?

Inevitably there was at least one new badge from the above trio so we had to update our D Badges. Consider it an early Christmas present.



In case you thought you missed it, this week's cycling was postponed to Friday, 8 December. Some believe it was because of the weather. Others suspect we needed more time to recover from Tuesday's festive lunch.

On Thursday, 14 December there is a CHANGE to the published programme. We are starting from Kirby Muxloe. Probably covering the same area but from the opposite direction.

Our final ride before Christmas will be on Thursday, 21 December meeting at Bosworth Heritage Centre. This is likely to be a hunt-the-pub-that's-not-full-of-office-parties ride.