Life in the here-and-now isn't bad. It's even better with the condiments of nostalgia and anticipation. Tuck in.


Kent Custom Bike Show 1987

This week's episode from Phil the Spill is a photo album of the 1987 Kent Custom Bike Show. We know many of the people are still motorcycling but what about the bikes? Did they get re-engineered into new machines, written off or will they be "barn finds" in a few years time?

This album is in the 1980s Gallery.

J Badges

Just added a judicious few jewels to the J Badges. In many cases we have a badge but neither report nor link to a website about the rally. Do they ring any bells with you? Jingle, jingle!

Rally Listing

Hans Veenendaal is still off on his travels but added a couple more events to his European rally list.

Meanwhile, Anthony Sharman, dairy dates editor for the Mayflower MCC, corrected the date we gave for their Pilgrims Rally (it is 3-5 August) which reinforces the need to check with the rally organisers when planning to attend.

Cycling June

Back in March, while most Embers were gallivanting round Morecambe, remaining riders started from Gunthorpe Bridge for a slightly more local thirsty ride. Now our numbers are depleted by an exodus of Embers to the continent. Stay-at-home riders again used Gunthorpe as the base for a cycle ride.

So we had the pleasure of riding fresh roads and sampling new pubs and cafes. An area well worth returning to.

On Thursday, 21 June we will be fielding a reduced team from Thrapston for a pedal down the Welland. Hopefully old K&DMCC member Stuart Drage will honour us with his company - not just to keep numbers up!

Likely to be more of us starting from Donisthorpe on Thursday, 28 June. Tony Loach is coming down from Clowne to meet us. If you want want to meet but not cycle with us, let me know and we'll tell you what pub we are heading for at lunchtime. You can join in our chin wagging and elbow exercises.


When Seamus Molloy from Sligo asked about this year's Simmer Dim it drew my attention to a missing badge on our first Simmer Dim report page. I've bunged a badge up there now but please let me know where other things are missing. You'll recognise where they are 'cos they're not there.

Coming Soon

Nothing will distract us from providing more new content for you next week.

Is that a piece of cake on the pantry shelf ...?