We are in March on Monday and several things will disappear from LPMCC.net. February's events from the Rally Listing, and Hans' PDF file of 2020 Rallies will come off the server.

We will also take off 2020 News updates leaving the latest News (this one) and others back to the beginning of this year.

Well, 2020 was a duff year that's best forgotten.



Stephen North claims he has all the wrong reasons to remember the 10th Anniversary Pilgrims Rally in 1985 so he is jolly well gonna make sure you don't forget either. A dozen photos to jog your memory and probably your stomach as well.

Jean-Francois Helias previously filled us in on the mysterious Steel Horse GB rally in 1978 so this week Francois completed the set with a photographic report of the Steel Horse in Belgium in the same year.

Steve North and Ted Trett added more names for guests at the famous Squires wedding. Still lots more to add when the names of people eventually migrate from the tip of your tongue to our Contact Centre.

Another 47 more F Rally Badges from Jean-Francois Helias bring those badges to 505 covering 127 F'ing rallies

You will be pleased to hear that Hans Veenendaal has marked 6 more rallies as cancelled. At least, you may be pleased if you were about to make a very long wasted journey to one of them. However, Hans has added another 33 events that we hope will all go ahead.

Hans' Rally Listing currently stands at 723 rallies until I drop the half dozen that were held in February.

Honda XL250RF

Ted Trett took the time to tell us a bit about his adventures on a Honda XL250RF.

Ted says it was right for sticky conditions and a good compromise of power and weight. Read the rest.

Race Badges

This week we posted 75 more Race Badges from Jean-Francois Helias and they are all for the IOM TT going back to before any of us were born.

Surely you didn't think motorcycle 'lapel' badges were invented in the 1960? To save you from rifling through your grandpa's drawers you can see what they look like on LPMCC.net.

Cycling February

We are coming to the end of February with just a couple more days for stragglers to add cycling miles. We are finishing the month with perfect weather for riding. The news is late because I went out again today to make the most of it.

So far this month 18 Embers have cycled 1658 miles and we expect more to be logged on our February Cycling page over the next two days.

we will begin our next chapter page, still in thrall to COVID-19 and cautious about an unwelcome return to winter conditions.

Skype Night

Next Skype Night is on and, if you are already bored with Blighty's balmy weather, Alan Jarvis in Canada will turn his webcam to show the snow falling thick and fast outside his house.

Foz Spot

One evening, soon after their honeymoon, club member Tom was working on his motorcycle in the garage.

His new wife was standing there at the workbench watching him.

After a long period of silence she finally spoke: "Honey, I've just been thinking, now that we are married, maybe it's time you quit spending all your time out here in the garage. You probably should just consider selling your motorcycles and all the paraphernalia."

Tom got a quizzical look on his face.

She said, "Darling, what's wrong?"

He replied, "For a minute there you were starting to sound like my ex-wife."

"Ex-wife?" she shouted.

Tom replied: "I wasn't."

Coming Soon

Next week we will add reports for Brighthelmstone 1986 by Stephen North, Alls Well That Ends Well by Hans Mondorf, BMW K75RS by Ted Trett, Club badges and P rally badges and from Jean-Francois Helias and Philippe Micheau - plus whatever you send.