News update is short and early this week because we have postponed our cycle ride to Friday.



Jean-Francois Helias added his report of the fourth Steel Horse Rally attended by over 2000 rallyists.

Hans Veenendaal sent additions for his Rally Listing early this week. Thanks Hans, you must be psychic!


Yes, we changed to this week. Soon as this email goes out I'll be off to Houghton on the Hill and Derek's place. Report of our cake eating later.

Weather permitting we will be back to our usual day on . Ratby is our rendezvous.

The week after we will begin from Coalville Co-op car park for our ride on . We will either find a new pub or return to a favourite for lunch.

Foz Spot

A young man lived permanently at a nudist colony.

He received a letter from his mother asking him to send her a more up-to-date photo of himself. As it was a nudist colony no cameras or smartphones etc were allowed. Unfortunately, he only had one picture, but it was of him in the nude, so he cut the photo in half and sent her the top half.

Some time later, mum wrote again asking him if he would send a photo of himself to his ageing grandmother.

Now he only had the bottom half left but because she had such poor eyesight, he took a chance that she would be none the wiser.

Some time later, he got a letter back from his grandmother written in large letters and in it she said,

"Thanks for the picture. Maybe you should change your hairstyle a bit, though, it makes your nose so small and droopy and your mouth a bit odd ball"

Coming Soon

Back to normal routine next week with reports and whatever you send.