Rattling along this week. Not the website, my chesty cough. You better wear gloves when you look at the website.




Phil the Spill moved on to 1989 for his report of this European Rally. Lots of photos as usual.

I believe that these celebrations now meet with a PC backlash, not for Sinterklaas but because of his Black Pieter helpers. Talk about kill-joys.


I Badges

More badges from Ted Trett and Phil the Spill allowed us to keep to our promise of working through our backlog of badges. Yes, I know it's like painting the Forth Bridge but we're not letting that thought dishearten us. You send the badges, we'll worry about funding the work.

Phil tells me one of the I badges is not a rally. See if you can spot it.


National Rally News

Seems the National Road Rally website was having a problem with a link to their merchandise so we've replicated it on our National Rally Index page. Or you can go straight there from here ...


Rally Listing

Hans Veenendaal has skived off for a weekend motorcycling but not before submitting this week's European rally list update. There are now 1514 rallies in 2018.

Have a good weekend, Hans.


Cycling February

Winter flu and winter blues brought us down to ten riders for this week's cycle ride.

Lots of cake stops on our way to and from the Cherry Tree in Little Bowden. You'll be pleased to hear no-one suffered sunstroke but it was a close call.