Crisp mornings, bright days, mild afternoons, light lingering a little longer each evening. Don't be fooled! Winter is still to come.



This week's contribution from Phil the Spill has photos of the 1989 Wilts & Avon MAG Last Straw rally. This was the second Last Straw so the first must have become the Penultimate Straw but we still have it listed as the 1st Last Straw.

Phil has recorded many of the Simmer Dim Rallies and we have reports from the first in 1982 up to 2008. We are kindly sent an invitation each year that we are unable to take up. Don't know if it can be passed on, but if you are in need of an invitation then you can download this year's from here or our initial Simmer Dim page.

Hans is off again on his travels but not without sending an early update to his European Rally Listing. There are now over 1500 rallies for 2019.

Cycling February

There are now two reports of Embers cycling in February. Last week's ride to the Stilton Cheese Inn against hills and typical February weather was rewarded by a more pleasant afternoon and a welcome cafe stop.

This week eight Embers cycled from, to and back again to the Red Lion in Huncote. I'll not mention what the attraction is. Suffice to say I joined them for a bit of strenuous pudding noshing.

Club AGM

I'll be doubling my medication on Tuesday, 19 February so that I can make it to this year's Leicester Phoenix MCC Annual General Meeting at the Elephant and Castle in Thurlaston. This is the big event of the year (for me) when I cough up my subs, we elect the fall guys for this year's committee and hear Nigel's plans for this year's Big End Rally.

OK, I admit I may only be there for the faggots and chips, but be there I will!


We have prevailed upon Jan Muschialli once again to let us meet at Mush's on Thursday, 21 February. Fittingly it is Mush's birthday close to this date and we wonder if he will survive the bumps.

On Thursday, 28 February we will be back in Kibworth for a gentle cycle from cafe to pub and back. You will find us at the Old Grammar School. Or chuck in a bucket and pull us out of The Well.

Bob Nash

Bob is reported to be making progress although, as you might expect, it's not good enough for Bob! So you can see he's mentally back to normal. Just needs to get his left side back under orders.

Bob very much appreciates the visits he is getting. Please co-ordinate your visit through Mick Ayriss (O7553 95885O).

Last week I gave out a new number. Cancel that, Bob has his original phone and number. Call him on 07984 281253. Bear in mind that he can read text messages but cannot write them.

Foz Spot

A BSA Owner phoned the maternity ward at the hospital.

"Quick!" he said, "Send an ambulance, my wife is going to have a baby!"

"Tell me, is this her first baby?" the intern asked.

"No, this is her husband, Kevin, speaking."

Coming Later

Not much, it's half term!