Hope you didn't blink and miss summer!




Looking forward to the next MotoGP at the Circuit of the Americas? Roland Potter managed to dash off a description of the Austin, Texas COTA before jetting off to the USA.

It's just to keep you informed until his race report which he will file while on the plane home.



A report for the 1987 Brighthelmstone rally from Phil the Spill this week. He reminds us that the weather can sometimes be ... er ... cold.

We also added a few random badges to maintain our resolve to catch up with the backlog. This week they were a Dangermouse badge and a few on the W Badges and Y Badges pages from Heather MacGregor, Phil the Spill and Ted Trett.

Now, where are yours?

In case we can save you a wasted journey, this weekend's Newt In Shining Armour Rally is cancelled. However Hans Veenendaal added about a hundred more rallies to his list and there are over 30 other rallies this weekend, five of them in the UK.

Quick change of plan?