We have permission to reopen the Foz Spot just as long as our jokes are not bad ones. Apparently the judging panel will consist of BoJo and Mr Bean.



MotoGP Czech Republic

Roland Potter rushed out his report on last week's Czech MotoGP before catching a connecting flight directly to Austria for this week's exciting stage.

Roland is keen to receive feedback about his reports and your opinion on which direction the MotoGP season is heading.

Rally Reports

We added Phil the Spill's report of the 1988 Hibernation Rally

We also published Dave Ranger's report of the far more recent Pilgrims Rally.

Even more up-to-date is what we have on this year's Big End Rally. It's hardly begun yet but we already have a few snaps and a beer label.

Naturally all these reports demanded similar action on badges. We updated the H page and the P Badges. I haven't seen this year's Big End badge yet so that will be added with more photos.

Rally Listing

Hans Veenendaal added more rally details again this week. Nothing seems to interfere with his industry on your behalf.

At this time of year there are so many events that you will find rallies everywhere. Knowing where they are in advance is the important bit.

Cycling August

This week the Embers cyclists split onto two (or three?) groups. Team A with eight Embers tackled a new route from Woodhall Spa into the Lincolnshire Wolds - as far as a pub.

Meanwhile team B with four Embers started from Mercia Marina and headed towards Ashbourne until waylaid by a pub.

Team C? That was Ian Bower who came out to Woodhall Spa to meet us on the Suzuki courtesy bike provided following his recent altercation with a Mercedes.

Another new start location on Thursday, 16 August when we gather at Kingsbury Water Park to head further west. Or north. Or maybe south. To a pub at any rate.

More familiar territory on Thursday, 23 August starting from Manton near Rutland Water. Our bikes know their own way to various hostelries. We just sit on and pedal.

John Beccles

I was really pleased to hear from Big John this week. His recovery from his heart op is progressing miraculously well. He is not just feeling physically like a new man; he is keen to start living life to the full again, including making contact with all his old pals.

So I just thought I'd better warn you.

Foz Spot

When wearing a bikini, women reveal 90% of their body.

Men are so polite they only look at the covered parts.


Five pages with Google maps would not have displayed properly due to a technical issue (ie cock up). They have been fixed now so if you see a map with problems, please report it 'cos I've missed it.

Coming Soon

Part two (the interesting half) of the Big End. More from Phil the Spill. Embers are out on their motorcycles this weekend so look for their photos on Facebook.