It's that time of year again; fast approaching two weeks before this year's National Road Rally. As soon as someone (anyone, please!) sends this year's Controls list and Matrix, we go onto a double war footing to update our interactive version to assist with planning routes.

Very little else will be done until that is completed. The General Election is unimportant and will be totally ignored.



On Tuesday we added another 47 badges for C rallies, all from Jean-Francois Helias. From Cadiz to Czestochowa, there are now 733 badges representing 269 different rally series.

Hans Veenendaal returned from his travels and went straight to work to deliver another update for his Rally Listing. Rallies now run into December and there are 101 in the coming week, 17 of which are in the UK.

2024 Matrix

Wait For It! - we posted a TEMPORARY NRR Matrix that is still using 2023 data. Apart from that, it has been updated to reflect this year's Supplementary Regulations: You may not visit any control more than once and there will be yet-to-be-revealed Selected controls that need to be on your route. Have a practice.

Geoff Lumley

Founder member Geoff responded to last week's mention of the club's original badge. Geoff produced the design for the strangled chicken but it was only an idea. Ray Barton went straight ahead and had the badge made up from the initial draft.

The origin of the Latin motto is not recalled but Geoff reckons he would do much better now.
Nunc Ea Facere.

Skype Night

Next Skype Night is on . It is better than any podcast because it covers things you are interested in, and you get to tell your views. Much better than shouting at your own dumb earphones.


This week the main Embers ride took off from further afield. We gathered at Canons Ashby for the last time (for reasons I won't go into here) and then went westward, across HS2 construction sites to the Wharf Inn at Fenny Compton. Full report and glamorous photos of this and our smaller local ride are on our June page.

Next week on we are off to Hartington Station from where we will have a good choice of routes, such as the Manifold Valley or the Tissington Trail, either of which lead to excellent pubs.

Foz Spot

Daddy is mowing the lawn when his young son comes running out of the house calling to him.

"Daddy, Daddy, what's sex?" asks the boy.

For a moment Dad is dumbstruck, but then decides that if his son has asked the question, then he must do his best to answer it.

For the next few minutes, Dad talks about the birds and the bees, then human relationships, love, the sex act, having babies. In fact, he does a pretty good job of covering every aspect. Eventually he comes to a stop when he sees how oddly his son is looking at him.

"You look concerned what is wrong, do you want me to go over anything again? I mean why did you want to know now?" he asks.

"Well, Mummy just said to come out and tell you that dinner would be ready in two secs."

A Foz List was added last week and there will be another on Sunday. Getting them in before the NRR hits the fan.