Due to the high cost of electricity, I need to work out if it is cheaper to buy a new t-shirt, or wash the one I'm wearing this year.

I'll decide in December.



If you were in London in August 2014 you must have seen Hans Mondorf and his pals, 'cos they were there.

Or you may have spotted them at the even more famous and crowded Pilgrims Rally about the same time. If you can't remember, Hans can.

Ian Shaw recalls the Rallymans Rally because it was blooming cold but warm in the pub. That sounds like most of the rallies I went to. Ian is sure it was the Rallymans but not Shaw sure about the year.

Jean-Francois Helias and Philippe Lorigne brought us back for more M Rally Badges on Tuesday when another 90 badges made the total on that page 655 badges for 236 rallies. Mmmm

Hans Veenendaal added more events to his Rally Listing. We took a lot longer to process the data this week because Hans included a rally in a new European country (new to the list, not a national separatist movement). Any-road-up, we had to add postcode, geographic and flag updates on several obscure files for it to be processed and join the fray. Can you see which new country we added? It gives you a chance to add a different stamp in your passport.

The Rally Listing. (and mobile version) are far and away ... the most popular pages on the website in terms of hits and stars. But we can Hardy rest on our Laurels. Are there any features that need adding or tweaking? Send your request written on a five pound note.

Skype Night

Next Skype Night is on and I've already been to Iceland for my Gregg's sausage rolls. Next stop, the Offie for a carry-out. Pity I can't still get a jug of loose.


Another week of soul-searching over which would be an acceptable day for us to go on a cake chase. In the end we settled for our usual thirsty ride and it turns out none of the predicted rain appeared in our neck of the woods. We stayed warm and dry, as can be seen from the 26 photos by Peter Wright and Simon Over in this week's report

Daring to start a little further from home on when we meet at the Cafe @ Rutland Nursery at 10am. Making an early start on cake!

Our fifth ride this month will be on from Cosby, and another cafe before setting off for a pub.

Foz Spot

Three mice in a Glasgow pub having a mouse to mouse talk about who's the hardest...

Aberdeen mouse says: "I go up tae mousetraps, rip the cheese oot, and as the bar comes doon, I benchpress it 30 times, then throw it across the room!"

Edinburgh mouse says: "I get rat poison, crush it intae powder & snort it!"

Glasgow mouse finishes his beer, gets up and walks to the door.

"Where u goin'?" asked the other two.

"Hame tae sh@g the cat."