Recovering from another debilitating bout of Can't-Be-Bothered but here's what went on-line with minimum effort.



You can always be sure of an excellent report from Jean-Francois Helias. His latest report covers the iconic Chamois Rally that has become legendary. It ended almost fifty years ago but I'm hopeful that someone out there still has first-hand memories to share with us. And photos!

Hans Veenendaal has added more than a hundred European rallies, treffen, traef to his Rally Listing this week. All power to your elbow, Hans!

Derek Foster

Derek is home! He arrived at the weekend and is currently billeted at the Ibis Hotel, Birstall.

Derek hopes to move into his new pad early next week and looks forward to welcoming old friends in a week or so, once the dust has settled.

In the meantime Derek has a new phone number on his mobile so you can send him abusive texts. Contact me for his number.

Cycling January

I will not admit to being fat and lazy but did enjoy this week's cycle ride that we kept under ten miles and included two or three coffee stops as well as an excellent lunch at the Swan in Kibworth.

We blame the weather for our caution in our Cycling report, and it did rain after lunch, so we'll stick to that excuse.

A good day to join us will be when we gather at the Red Lion in Huncote, find cake and then scurry back for lunch. If the weather and light holds in the afternoon we may seek more cake.

Or, if you prefer proper cycling, try when almost any route too and from Houghton on the Hill is sure to be ... er ... hilly. With cake to compensate.

Foz Spot

The Pope was handing out miracles to kids in Liverpool.

Billy walked on the stage and asked him, "Can you help me with my hearing?"

The Pope said "Yes!" and put his hands on Billy's ears and prayed then whispered "How is your hearing now?"

Billy whispered back, "I don't know, it's not until next Wednesday."