On Monday we will be saying a sad farewell to our friend Derek Foster. LPMCC.net is here to record your stories while we can and to encourage you to renew old friendships before it is too late. Read this news, then do that.



We were pleased to hear from Pat Keedwell, sister of our late mate Les Hobbs. Pat takes consolation from reading Les's adventures on our site. We put Pat's note on the Sinterklaastreffen and assured her that the stories are there to stay.

Jean-Francois Helias continued his tribute to the Elefantentreffen with an account of how this legendary rally began to outgrow its simple roots and become more commercialised.

The weather in the January Eifel mountains ensured that it remained a challenge, especially on some of the bikes shown in Francois' report!

Fritz Yarwood recalled the Dark Wet Cold Dull and Gloomy rally in 1978. Fritz may have been wet and cold, but he certainly wasn't dull or gloomy. And he hasn't kept us in the dark about it either.

Keith Lyndsell discovered LPMCC.net and straight the way shared his memories of the Tamar that he organised. Thankfully Keith remembers a lot of the names of people, many of whom we only knew by sight across smokey bar rooms or poorly lit marquees.

There is more to come from Keith next week.

Jean-Francois┬áHelias provided another couple of dozen F rally badges last week. I'm picking off the letters with the smallest backlog but as soon as Francois realises that, he sends another truck load!

After his weekend break, Hans Veenendaal was early with his Rally List update. It was quite positive this week. Eleven added and only one reported cancellation. I'm saying nowt for fear of jinxing things.

Raid Orion 1973

We were delighted to hear from Jean Michelin who was responsible for many of the photos collected together by Jean-Francois Helias and Gilles Gaudechoux for their Raid Orion 1973 report.

We have said that reports from abroad will be posted in the local language. Don't panic, we haven't added a report in Arabic (yet) but Jean's comment is in his mother tongue. There is an English translation for oui who need it. We recommend Jean Michelin's source website, cent71.fr, where those of you using Google Chrome can benefit from an instant translation service.

Machine Badges

There were another 35 badges added to the Machine Badges page from Francois this week. Small number that is called "low-hanging fruit".

What they didn't warn me about picking low-hanging fruit was catching my arse in the brambles.

Derek Foster

Derek's funeral is on at Loughborough Crematorium (LE11 2AF). Some club friends attending on motorcycles are gathering at John and Jan Muschialli's house at 10:30 but it won't be a procession of any kind.

Family have extended an invitation to Derek's wake at Quorn Grange on Wood Lane, Quorn (LE12 8DB).

Cycling September

This week eleven Embers enjoyed a sunny autumn day with two riders heading into Derbyshire while nine met at Melton and cycled to the Dirty Duck (where Druids MCC held their Icy Ale rallies).

I was hoping that a five-Thursday month would see over 2000 miles between us. But on we are starting from Worthington to ride the Cloud Trail with a reduced brigade of Embers due to frivolities like holidays and grandpa duties. We need to cover another 375 miles between us on a ride that is usually only 26 miles. By my estimate that means we need you to join us. We have a pub lunch. It is a flat ride, mostly away from traffic. The weather should be fine, bright and not too hot.

C'mon, it's time to do it!
Did I mention the pub lunch?

Club Night

Next meeting of the Leicester Phoenix MCC is on at the Gate Hangs Well in (or very near to) Syston. Members are returning to their old habits so don't expect many to be there much before 9pm. I will not dwell on any more of their old habits. (They aren't monks!)

Skype Night

Next Skype Night is on . Last week we were given a list of films and YouTube videos to watch. Next week we will be tested on them.

Foz Spot

Two Leicester Phoenix members were motorcycling through Anglesey towards the Holyhead ferry.

When they arrived at Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch they stopped for lunch and one of the guys asked the waitress: "Before we order, I wonder if you could settle an argument for us. Can you pronounce the name of the place we are in now, very, very, very slowly?"

The girl leaned over and said:

Coming Soon

If you want to know what makes me happy, it isn't being fed boiled sweets and tickled under the chin. It's receiving reports and content for the website. Either a report as it comes to mind, a scan of an old and faded snap, or just the words "I was there!" for an event long ago.

Next week we will be adding badges for Shows and N rallies. We have reports for the Othello Rally from Hans Mondorf, Elefantentreffen 1971 from Jean-Francois Helias, more about the Tamar (naming friends) from Keith Lyndsell and memories of the Fly in the Eye rally from Andy Hunter.

I'm happy as a pig in shiftwork.