The Meeting survey results should not be a surprise but are much more positive than I could have hoped.

  • Ex-members from the 60s made up 38% of responses, 70s - 63% and 80s - 31%. They come to more than 100% because many memberships spanned the decades.
  • City and central members made up 19%, north of county 31%, south of county 25%, east and Rutland 19%. What, no Ashby/Coalville answers?
  • There is broad support for any evening for a get-together although Tuesdays and Thursdays are most popular, Mondays and Fridays least popular. A remarkable 63% would like to meet every month and for them Thursday is the popular choice when 90% should be able to get there. Those who would prefer a meeting twice a year or quarterly favour (marginally) Saturdays but there is strong support for any day except Friday.
  • Not surprising is that three quarters of the ex-members who answered like a noggin and a natter. Also nearly half are interested in a meal (with partners) and/or a camping or hotel break together. There is still 38% support for a motorcycle ride - I hear Mick Ayriss and Allan Jarman joined the Living Club the other weekend for a run to Skeggy to prove it.

If you have not let me know your views then you can still fill in a survey or just let me know what you think by email, phone or at a meeting.