National Rally

  1. Each rider visiting our control must personally present their own card. Do not accept more than one card from one person.
  2. On the inside pages of the card, on the next available line put:


NoCodeControl Visited
(To be entered by Control)
Mileage from
Last Control
450SYSTON 2575
530KEGWORTH 25100
  • Our control code and name [30 Kegworth] stamped across the columns Code and Control Visited.
  • In the Mileage from Last Control column, put the mileage from the last control to our control.

CodeControl FromMileage
9 Burton On Trent 25
13Clumber Park 30
50Syston 25
55Uttoxeter 25
  • Complete the Running Mileage column which is the total official mileage completed by the rider to your control. (Some riders put mileages in pencil on their card; simply overwrite the pencil. However do not accept the mileages they show, check the official mileages as on the Rally map.) Please be careful when adding up the mileages, it is easy to make mistakes which make it seem that the rider is outside the regulations and cannot complete the event legally.
  1. Ensure that every rider completes the signing-on sheet; this is compulsory. Passengers do not need to sign.
  2. If you find a rider has travelled to your control from another control for which no mileage is shown on the official map it implies that they have ridden over 40 miles from the preceding control. This is outside the Regulations. You should therefore leave the two columns relating to mileages blank. The rider may continue but will not qualify for an award. Ensure that the rider understands this.
  3. The final instructions to riders emphasises the need to take great care and give no cause for complaint from the general public. Encourage riders to switch off their engines (particularly at night) and park well off the public roads. Events such as The National Road Rally are always under scrutiny and it is part of the Control Team's responsibility to ensure that all hazards are kept to a minimum.
  4. You must abide by the control closing time of 5.36am on Sunday unless instructed to do otherwise by one of the Rally officials. These times are not arbitrary; they are calculated and based on the time a rider could reach the final control without exceeding a certain speed limit which could exclude the rider from the event.
  5. The emergency telephone numbers for the Rally will be documented on the control.
    Should any emergency arise during the Rally itself over the weekend which you consider requires the attention of a senior National Road Rally official please use one of the numbers provided.
    NOTE: The emergency telephone number is only to be used for a REAL emergency and only during the period of the rally itself. It is NOT to be used at any other times and is NOT for general information. This number must not be passed on to anyone else.
    Numbers of adjacent controls will be on our control mobile phone grouped under NRR
  6. Daytime riders may finish their rally at this control before 10am. Don't keep their card; they must post it to the NRR Entries Secretary.
    (Supplementary Reulation 3.2)
  7. Moonlight riders may begin their rally at this control between 10pm and 10.20pm. Mark that this rider started here on the signing on sheet.
    (Supplementary Regulations 3.3, 3.7 Note, Instructions to Controls)