2024 Matrix

This is 2024 controls data. Please send feedback via our Contact Centre. It will be adjusted and corrected in response to your reports.

Hold down CTRL and tap F5 key to see latest version.

We don't know what award you are aiming for; if you don't have the right number of controls or exceed the points for your class, you will still be able to mark the route. Look for categories and remarks in the route list below the matrix.

= Standard Control
= Selected* Control

* Shown red on the Official Matrix. Indicated on the printable list by a ⬚ next to the control.

When you reach your overnight break, click this ———————
Drag'n'drop this along
left & right edges
Colour links
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NumberControl NameLinkTotalSel'dCount

Is your route saved? On any up-to-date browser your route is automatically kept in "persistent storage" as you go along. That means, if you close the page/browser/computer, your route will still be there when you reopen this page, but ...
Only on the same computer/tablet and using the same browser.
Only the latest route is remembered.
Your route is not sent anywhere. We don't know what it is.
IMPORTANT: If you are using a public PC (eg at a library) your route will be deleted when you leave the page.

Start QR code is for all the Controls. Scan it with a mobile device to open a mobile page containing the control list and map.

When you have traced a route on the Matrix, click here to change the QR code for that route. Scan the QR code with a mobile device to open the route controls details.

When you view this on a mobile device, simply tap the QR code.

Start of quotation Just a quick note to thank you for setting up and maintaining this app. I use it every year and it definitely helps with the route planning!

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- Joni Bryce

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