Matrix 2018

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The National Road Rally 2018 has 64 controls all over the country from Welshpool in the west, Kendal in the north, Ipswich in the east and Yeovil in the south.

Riders are free to choose their starting point and route.

  • Mileages shown on the matrix have been taken from a standard atlas ignoring motorways and rounded to 5 miles. For the purpose of the rally they must be accepted as correct.
    Tip: Our mobile list of the controls (or your route if you use the custom QR link) indicate what Google believes is the road distance between controls. Maybe they take the pretty route? Any-road-up, if you need fuel, check if it is further than you expect!
  • Riders may only travel between controls for which a link is drawn, and may only visit a control once.
  • Riders may start from any Control except which are Virtual Controls. Declare this control at the next manned control.
  • Full and Daytime riders may start from   at midday Saturday but riders may not pass through them after the start
  • Controls   only operate until 11pm Saturday. Put them early on in your route!
  • For the special gold award riders must travel 540 miles and visit at least 22 controls.
  • Platinum Award do Special Tests at on Saturday 7th July between 8:30am and 11:00am. This is also a Start Only control going to Dunchurch.
  • All riders except Daytime Rally riders must finish at one of the Final Controls   between 6:00am and  Sunday.

Supplementary Regulations are posted on the National Rally website.

Control Matrix

Click on the controls in turn and your route will be recorded below.

Standard Control
Virtual Control
Limited opening
Noon Start Only
Standard + Final
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Your Route

This QR code is a link to the full list of controls suitable for a mobile device. Scan it with a smart phone or tablet to open the page. If you click the image it will display an example of what the page looks like on a phone.

This QR code is a link to the full list of controls. Click the image to open the page.

Now you have created your custom route QR code, scan it with your smart phone or tablet to open your route data. Click the image to show how your route information looks in a mobile phone.

Now you have created your custom route QR code click the new QR code image to open your route in this device. You can also scan the QR code with another mobile device to load the same route list.

IMPORTANT! Check the route on the OFFICIAL matrix in case there are bugs and errors in this program!!.

Summary of Regulations

  Daytime Moonlight National
Category Chrome Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold Bronze Silver Gold Special Gold Platinum
Sup.Reg. 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5
Start Noon to 12:20pm Sat 10pm to 10:20pm Sat Noon to 2pm Sat Noon Sat
Miles 120
300+ 400+ 500
540 540
Controls 5+ 8+ 11+ 12+ 8+ 11+ 12+ As visited 22+ Max
Special Tests       Yes
Hours 10 10 20
Rests 45 mins 45 mins 2 hours
(may be same as start)

(may be same as start)
End before 10pm Sat before 8am Sun 6am-8am Sun

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