Controls 2018

Controls are open from 12.00 midday Saturday until a time on Sunday morning that allows plenty of time for riders to reach a final control.

 All normal controls.

The following  controls are only open from noon until 12:20pm on Saturday. They provide additional start options.

These  controls close at 11:00pm on Saturday. They limit the edges of the matrix after that time.

You may NOT start from nor finish at any of the following  virtual controls. You do not need to go to a virtual control but if you include one on your route you must fill in your own card with the details before the next manned control.

The following  FINAL controls may also be used to start from OR as part of your route. One of them must be your finish control except for the Daytime Rally riders who may finish at any Control before 10pm Saturday.

Riders going for the Platinum Award 26 Jun 2018do Special Tests at Leicestershire County Hall car park, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8RA on Saturday 7th July between 8.30am and 11am. This location is also a START control!.

No control may be visited more than once. ie each may be a START or on the ROUTE or FINAL control. The exception is Daytime Rally riders who may start and finish at the same control and this does not need to be a Final Control.

Check your route against the official documentation and the latest bulletins. Information on this page may not to be accurate.