2020 Cycling

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Oadby Owl

Excellent start to the year with twelve Embers getting back into the swing. We welcomed Mick Perry into our ranks.

We kept with our tradition of cycling to a central city location for our first ride of the year by meeting at Abbey Lane ASDA. We then followed cycle friendly routes through Abbey Park, Victoria Park and out to the Oadby Owl for lunch to.

Our route back was almost the same but we all went to university (at last) for more refreshments.

It looks like Mush may have found his ideal saddle at long last.

Stilton Cheese, Somerby

Fourteen Embers met at Ian's in Syston, most after cycling there. We were fortunate to have a strong following wind to help us up the hills in South Croxton and Burrough on the Hill. Our climb was worthwhile because we returned to the Stilton Cheese Inn, Somerby for an excellent lunch.

On the way back we diverted to Beardsley's Tearoom in Rearsby for tea and cake. Then those who weren't hurrying homeward before dark returned to Ian's for ... er ... more tea and cake.

Swan, Kibworth

Because of a dismal forcast the twelve Embers agreed to ride a short route and return close to our start location for lunch. That way we might avoid a long afternoon ride in the rain. So we set off with enthusiasm that took us up the hills to Bridge 61 for a coffee and to regain our breath. Time flies when you are having buns. We had to head straight back with another brief pause for bananas.

The pub we had warned of our approach put up their shutters ("the electicity failed") so we tried the Swan in Kibworth and then cycled 50 yards to The Well for more cake. We were pleased to be joined there by Warwick Pople who we had kept informed of our dodgy route.

The weather had turned wet for riders who still had to cycle home so we didn't feel too guilty about doing less than ten official miles.

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