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Stilton Cheese Inn, Somerby

What a contrast to last week’s ride. Although much warmer this week the wind and rain made the morning ride pretty miserable.

Eight intrepid riders (both Richards, both Johns, Simon, Graham, Mick and Derek) set out from Houghton on the Hill with just two foolish riders having cycled in from Syston. With the wind and rain delaying the start we set off to Somerby via Keyam, Hungarton with a banana break being taken between Hungarton and Cold Newton. An aptly named last village given the conditions that morning. Where was a café when it was needed? Sticking with little trafficked routes Velo John took us to Lowesby, Marefield and Owston then up to the The Stilton Cheese Inn, in Somerby (585 feet) who thankfully had a nice warm open fire.

During a well-earned lunch the sun came out, the wind dropped and the rain thankfully stopped making the afternoon so much more pleasant than the morning.

- Simon Over

Lunch over the coffee stop was at Gates Garden Centre Cold Overton which is even higher at 640 feet.

Arriving back in Houghton 28 miles later with our lights on and generally "pooped".

- Mick Ayriss

Red Lion, Huncote

What a contrast to last week. A really great day out in the sunshine.

Eight riders started from Huncote today with four riding there (Velo John, Derek, Graham and Simon) joining Ian Jacques, Richard Clark, Mush and Dave (now back from his motorbike trip to New Zealand). Those who rode there had a cold start with frost in places but by 10am it had warmed up for the day.

The days route started by heading towards Earl Shilton via Thurlaston Lane and Watery Gate Lane. In Earl Shilton we headed north west towards Kirkby Mallory (but not the racetrack this time) then turned south west to Barwell and stopped for coffee at Pats Cafe. We did not qualify for a Valentine's Day treat so carried onto Burbage Common and Stoney Stanton before going north east back to Huncote for lunch at the Red Lion. There we met Ben and Pete.

After lunch seven riders carried on with one needing to get home early. The afternoon's route returned us towards Stoney Stanton and the nearby Calor Gas works to investigate a bridleway we had not used before. After climbing over styles next to locked gates we rode over a muddy track and under the M69. Obviously someone did not want to encourage the route's use. But we made it through OK. We then cycled to the north part of Earl Shilton and back east to Thurlaston Garden Centre for more tea and cakes. It is a tough life but someone has to do it.

After the garden centre we split into two groups one going back to Huncote and the other heading to Kirby Muxloe and home. See you all next week.

- Simon Over

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